Stop Carly Fiorina from Buying her way into Public Office

Starting with the $21 milliion payoff Carly Fiorina received when she was ousted by the Hewlett-Packard board of directors, her wealth makes her a potential contender for public office.  In the 2010 Senate race, she raised $22 million.  In 2014 she began raising money through a new super-PAC called Unlocking Potential.

Even if she does not get the Republican nomination for President, she may position herself as a Vice-Presidential candidate.

To stop Carly’s bid, help spread the facts about her poor track record and lack of qualifications.

Here’s what you can do to help:

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  • If you were a Hewlett-Packard or Compaq employee during Carly Fiorina’s tenure as CEO, please add your comments to our site and tell others why she should not be elected.
  • If you find factual accounts from responsible sources documenting Carly Fiorina’s poor performance and lack of qualifications, please use our Contact page to share them with us. (Please check our Press page first to be sure we haven’t already posted a similar link.)
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