Here’s What the Press Says
About Carly Fiorina

The Shallow Salesmanship of Carly Fiorina

“The irony of Fiorina’s rise is that far from reflecting success as a business executive, it stems from the presentational skills of a superior politician: polished delivery, rigorous message discipline and the ability to assimilate facts, neatly packaged to please the party’s right wing base.”

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What non-Californians don’t know about Carly Fiorina — but should

“Here in the Golden State, we know Carly Fiorina very well. We know her as the under-performing CEO of one of Silicon Valley’s marquee corporations, and even better for her losing campaign against Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2010.”

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The Washington Post Gives Fiorina Three Pinocchios!

“Fiorina’s claims about her business success are questionable in almost every respect. Her statements either lack significant context or resulted from a creative cherry-picking of the facts.”

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HP Heir Slams Fiorina

“I know a little bit about Carly Fiorina, having watched her almost destroy the company my grandfather founded” – Arianna Packard, granddaughter of David Packard.

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Condé Nast Portfolio’s Worst American CEOs of All Time

Carly Fiorina: number 19 worst American CEO of all time.

“A consummate self-promoter, Fiorina was busy pontificating on the lecture circuit and posing for magazine covers while her company floundered. She paid herself handsome bonuses and perks while laying off thousands of employees to cut costs.” – Read More

Carly Fiorina: a Record of Failure

After firing 18,000 employees as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina believes Californians “have serious concerns about job creation.”

Media Matters Action Network: Fact Check – Read More

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman admit not voting for years

“It confirms voters’ suspicions that they’re running out of boredom or because they like the trappings of power”

San Jose Mercury News – Read More

Tech’s All-Time Top 25 Flops

Carly Fiorina: number 6 all-time tech flop.

“During her 1999-2005 tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina proved that she could reverse decades of geek goodwill and alienate customers like no one else.”

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Fiorina Supports Outsourcing American Jobs Offshore

“Fiorina’s statement that ‘there is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore’ triggered particularly strong reaction.

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More Information about Fiorina’s Failures

Here’s what Business Insider has to say:  “Ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina is planning to run for president based on her business experience. Here’s why that’s a terrible idea.”

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The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina: an ethical case study

“[Fiorina] seemed to lack three important leader character traits: compassion, integrity, and humility.”

The Entrepreneur – Read More

Fiorina’s Web Site Bashed by Democrats, Republicans

Why is this important?  Because Fiorina bases her credibility on her management skills and understanding of technology!

“As former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina prepares to enter the 2010 California Senate race on the GOP side, her quirky new Web site is being ridiculed by the online community – and not just by those on the political left.”

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“Carly Fiorina Launches ‘Worst Political Website Ever’ ”

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